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State-of-the-art plasma cutting provides a fast, clean, and accurate cut. The Cowboy’s Anvil Plasma Cutting Services are designed to be a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient way for you to get accurate, affordable cutting accomplished on your project.
Our Plasma Cutting Services Can Help You Get Projects Done More Quickly
  • Structural brackets
  • Bearing plates
  • Bracing collars
  • Custom art pieces
  • Custom fire rings
  • Custom name signs
  • Custom staircase panels
Accurate, affordable cutting services. Talk with our team about your project.
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Our Plasma Cutting Unit

We have a Hypertherm plasma cutting unit with jigs for cutting different shapes such as circles and perfectly straight lines. This unit allows us to create parts for projects with very tight tolerances. This technology allows us to cut holes into structural plates without creating a big "HAZ" Heat Affected Zone or warp.

Our Welding Certifications

Plasma cutting and welding often dovetail into the same project. Our certifications are one reason why commercial contractors and homeowners alike trust The Cowboy’s Anvil.

Artisan Plasma Cut Projects for the Home

Whether it's a custom fire ring for the backyard or a unique piece of wall art, our metalworking experts can help bring your vision to life. We specialize in plasma cutting and can customize any project no matter how complex. We'll take your design idea and craft something truly special that you won't find anywhere else. Our team is also experienced in welding and can help you create an elegant custom staircase panel or a one-of-a-kind name sign. With our help, you can make any ordinary space into something timeless and special.
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Plasma Cutting for Industrial and Construction

You can’t always find what you need for an industrial or construction project on the shelf at the hardware store. Our team provides Plasma Cutting Services to provide you with those one-off pieces your project requires. Some of the more common items we provide are:
  • Structural brackets
  • Bearing plates
  • Bracing collars
  • Pipe saddles
  • Hanger plates
  • Valve supports
  • Bracing rings
  • Gussets
  • Lift plates
  • Support brackets
  • Safety guards
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