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Mobile Stick Welding


Our mobile welding teams and units provide you with the advantages of speed, quality, and convenience. Our certified and experienced welders can come to your job site and provide high-quality stick welding and fabrication without the need to outsource the work to an offsite workshop.
Our Mobile Welding Units Can Help You Get Projects Done More Quickly
  • Industrial equipment and infrastructure
  • Commercial building and repair
  • Equipment repair
  • Residential building and repair
  • Custom Docks
  • Quarry work


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Our Welding Certifications

A full-time Certified Welding Supervisor on staff oversees all welding procedures. Our welding supervisor ensures that all welds are done to the highest standards, and rigorous quality control standards are met at every stage.
The Certified Welding Supervisor also works with our welders daily to ensure optimal and consistent performance. We continuously train our staff in the latest welding technologies and safety procedures for compliance with all relevant industry codes.
Our team retains a welding engineer to that proper weldments are utilized for the specific application. The welding engineer works in concert with the design and fabrication staff to ensure that weldments are specified according to the correct welding processes and meet all relevant specifications.
The welding engineer is also available to provide guidance on matters such as welder qualifications, test procedures, and examining components for defects prior to installation. Moreover, they verify that welded assemblies comply with customer’s specifications and other applicable standards.
We take safety and quality seriously. All our employees involved in welding are certified every two years. Our welders use a variety of welding processes to ensure that each job is completed with the highest level of accuracy and precision. Our certified welders can handle welding jobs ranging from simple repairs to complex projects.
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